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Kalmbach The DCC Guide
The DCC Guide €18,30

Kalmbach The DCC Guide

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Artikelnummer: 9780890246
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Digital Command Control (DCC) is the latest improvement in electrical operation of model trains, but it’s so much more. DCC can help model trains take advantage of all the new features in modern model trains like realistic sound and smoother switching and running. This comprehensive, all-new volume helps modelers get the most out of DCC with diagrams and photos showing how DCC works, from wiring, to installing and setting decoders in running equipment, to throttle units. The DCC Guide presents an overview of the product lines available and helps modelers select the right system for their plans.

  • Autor: Don Fiehmann
  • Softcover
  • 80 Seiten
  • 80 Farb Fotos
  • 55 Zeichnungen
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